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Sunday, January 25, 2009

WaySide Cafe

Wayside Cafe is located in the quaint quiet town of Fallbrook.
507 S Main Ave Fallbrook, CA
(760) 723-9633
They are open daily until 2pm (they do offer lunch items). They have just the right thing to cure a sweet tooth as well as a hungry belly for breakfast. You can chose to eat either inside of the restaurant or out on the patio (in the winter the patio is heated with space heaters). They do not accept reservations and there is often a wait on the weekends. However the tables are small and are sure to inspire romantic conversation without the entire restaurant overhearing your conversation.
The menu has a lot of selection. Prices are reasonable for the genre. All the fillers are fresh, they use real cut fried potatoes (home fries). The coffee is good. The place is a bit small. There is outside seating in the back. The decor is interesting, lots of old articles displayed everywhere. The staff was attentive and friendly.

Rated 1 kiss and $

Saturday, December 13, 2008

George's at the Cove

located at 1250 Prospect St La Jolla
Without a doubt this three level property has one of the finest views in the city - a panorama of La Jolla Cove and miles of Pacific Coast.

George's offers terrific eating they specialize in inventive fresh fish dishes that incorporate the flavors of France and the Pacific Rim. The view from the Terrace level was Spectacular as was the warmth of the fire that was blazing (see it was a cold day when we visited)

2.5 kisses

La Valencia Hotel

is located at 1132 Prospect Street, La Jolla CA. The hotel originally opened in 1926. The venerable Mediterranean style pink lady embodies everything about La Jolla a gracious gentility and a rich patina of history. Each of the hotels 117 rooms, suites, and villas are comfortably and traditionally furnished with unique decor and all marbled bathrooms

(this picture was taken from across the street and doesn't do the size of the hotel justice)


Rated 4 kisses

The Grande Colonial

The Grande Colonial has garnered accolades for the complete restoration of its polished mahogany paneling, brass fitting, and genteel library and lounge (as we did not go inside i will have to take the books word of this). (this building use to be an apartment hotel back in 1913). This historic hotel is a block from the ocean offers elegant romance. They are located at 910 Prospect St La Jolla, CA. (this was a beautiful drive to get to this hotel) Each room has a goose-down comforter and cushy bathrobes, just perfect for a lazy day and a reason to call room service. The streets are lined with tons of unique shops for walking and holding hands. You can stop in and have a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants or perhaps purchase the engagement ring at one of the many jewelry stores.


The book rates this hotel as
2.5 lips

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oak Creek Manor -

Oak Creek Manor is located at 4735 Olive Hill Road in Fallbrook, CA (which is near San Diego)

Found on Page 193 of the book.

It says OAK CREEK MANOR's innkeeper are Austrian-born Johannes and
Ingrid Zachbauer, they took a southern plantation replica of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate and infused it with European Elegance. There are only 4 rooms to stay in (which i did not see anyone or any rooms). It has marble floors and high ceilings, the manor is decorated with art from all over the world. The manor sits near a sleepy creek (i didn't hear any water running but i did have to dodge cars to get my pictures) and is surrounded by fountains and gardens this place is ideal for a party for 2 which includes a lot of kissing. All the rooms have a private garden, whirlpool tubs and fireplaces. The book says that breakfast is included. As this place is nestled in Fallbrook off the beaten path I would probably suggest you hang out on the grounds for meals. For more accurate information and pricing visit their website at http://www.oakcreekmanor.com/index.html
(Lets hope someday i get to visit the inside of tha manor and not jsut take pictures.
The book rates 4 lips
and $$$ - $$$$

Why I started this blog

My bridal shower theme in Sept of 2008 was to bring gifts that the bride and groom could do during the year, as Tim and i have been together a long time we really didn't need any anything. My friend Jill bought me this book called the best places to kiss in southern California by Bonnie Steele.
So, Tim and I got to looking through this book and decided armed with his garmin (early Christmas present) that we would set out to find some of these places, possibly visit and write our reviews and add our own places that we find on our way. They say that a picture says a thousand words so we decided that we would find these places and possibly take the pictures of us kissing in front of them (we are geeky what can i say)!!!!

The book includes
Scenic Drives

These are done geographically so this blog will be done that way ... look on the side and hit the area that you are in to see what cool places we have found!